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    How to choose a refrigerator?

    It is difficult to name another kitchen appliance that could on the importance and usefulness compared with fridge. Only those who, for whatever reason, at least for a short time remained without it, understands what to cook for one day and all the time to be afraid to poison tainted product.

    Nowadays it is difficult to believe that a century ago, people somehow do without refrigerators. Perhaps, then, it was commonplace. But today remain without refrigeration, even for a few days - it's just a tragedy. So if your family "Santa Claus" is slowly but surely began to fail, it's time to think about the new.

    The range is huge refrigerators, models are equipped with modern appliances, which help to make it multifunctional and comfortable. But how to choose the refrigerator, which will be ideal for your apartment. Let's try to figure it out.

    Where to put.

    So, first and foremost, with what it takes to start it with the size of the refrigerator. You have to understand that it is not small household appliances, you can even rearrange daily from place to place on your own. Fridge takes a considerable area, so I need to determine the location and size of the future owner cuisine. Even if you choose, in your opinion, the most appropriate model and take into account all the nuances and the unit just does not fit into your kitchen, it will bring a lot of problems. So the first thing we do - we produce measurements.

    How many doors.

    Next, what also should decide before buying this many cameras will be in your refrigerator. Or, to put it more understandable language, as it will have doors. Traditional are unicameral (older and compact models) and duplex (directly fridge and freezer, which opens separately) device.

    But among the current models of today can be met and multi-chambered. For example, the three-door, where the third chamber - a zone of preservation of perishable products, those that we used to in the old accustomed to put "under the freezer." These models are, by the way, is very popular.

    If you choose a more traditional version, refrigerator, advised to consider a caveat. Such a unit can operate as a compressor on one or two. It is very important for those who, for example, does not plan to use all the time both chambers.

    For example, if you have nothing to freeze, you can some times be solely fridge. Or, going on vacation, you can turn off the refrigerator and leave only operate the freezer. But this is possible only when the refrigerator operates on different compressors.

    Defrost or defrost.

    Another important aspect. As you know, from time to time you need to clean the refrigerator ice, in other words - to defrost a few times a month. If you want to rid yourself of this procedure, you should pay attention only on models with the system No Frost.

    Such refrigerators can unfreeze yourself and need only preventive cleaning several times a year. It is very convenient. Therefore, the model with the system No Frost, such as, Whirlpool WTV 4536 NFCIX, LG GR-M802 HEHM or Sharp SJ-420VBE always in demand.

    Big or small.

    What is the volume of the refrigerator is optimal? This question is currently only you can answer for yourself, given the number of family members and all of the same area. If you have a small family, and you are not used to cook for a few days in advance, and prefer to eat only freshly prepared and do not "freeze" for the future, then perhaps you want a compact single-chamber refrigerator, for example NORD 431-7-010. Plus, this model is that a refrigerator does not take up much space, is inexpensive and will allow you to save on electricity.

    If your family consists of 4 or more people, and you love to refrigerator was full, you should look for models with a capacity of 300 liters. In this case, the refrigeration chamber will fall two-thirds of the total volume (3-4 shelves and compartment for fruit and vegetables), and take the rest of the freezer.

    If you prefer frozen food, and prefer to freezer was filled with fruits and vegetables "for the winter," then, of course, it should be very spacious. Then - the object of your attention refrigerators in which refrigerators and freezers of the same size, or even a little less than first.

    Freezer on top or bottom.

    And, perhaps, the last thing you should also think about it, it's about how to house your freezer - traditionally at the top or the bottom - under refrigeration. This is very important. If you intend to use the freezer exclusively in the old, that is, to keep it mostly meat and fish, or, for example, dumplings is best to choose a classic model, that is - the freezer on top. For example, Hotpoint-Ariston BD 2422 or Samsung RT-22 HAR4DSA. In such freezers are usually two compartments separated by a shelf, as well as convenient shelves on the door.

    In that case, if you want to freeze intensive products, our advice - choose the model of freezer bottom. They are usually three retractable compartments which are closed further. Which is very convenient for this purpose. But remember - we have already drawn your attention to this - in this case the volume of the freezer will be increased by refrigeration. If you find this is not critical, models such as, for example, LG GA-B489 TGKR or Samsung RL-50 RRCSW - for you.

    Price refrigerator depends on the brand of the manufacturer, the availability of additional functions, the number of compressors and power class. You need to weigh all of this into account and to choose the ideal model of the parameters and functionality.



    Refrigerator Atlant XM 4521-180 ND
    Atlant XM 4521-180 ND

    Refrigerator LG GB-7138 A2XZ
    LG GB-7138 A2XZ

    Refrigerator Bosch KAN58A55
    Bosch KAN58A55

    Refrigerator Samsung RSH7PNPN
    Samsung RSH7PNPN

    Refrigerator Indesit TAAN 6 FNF
    Indesit TAAN 6 FNF

    Refrigerator BEKO FSE 1073 X
    BEKO FSE 1073 X

    Refrigerator Sharp SJ-F73PEBE
    Sharp SJ-F73PEBE

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